PCOS messes with your metabolism and hormones.

Want to be fit and confident? You need a plan specifically designed for PCOS!

After I was diagnosed with PCOS...

My doctors told me to get fit.  

But I couldn't find any information specific to PCOS on how to get fit. I thought I had just to keep working harder and eating less.

I ended up feeling lost, frustrated, distracted and discouraged.

But I eventually figured it all out...

Hi! I'm Erika. I'm a certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach. 

I also happen to have PCOS. 

I've been coaching women with PCOS for 9 years, and interviewed many of the top PCOS experts.

Creating smart, effective, and reasonable solutions for women with PCOS is my mission.

4 Reasons Why Your Last Workout and Nutrition Plan Didn't Work

#1 Working out more and eating less doesn't work for PCOS.

Women living with PCOS must use a more nuanced approach to diet and exercise so that they improve their metabolic and hormonal functioning. 

In fact, continually working out more and eating less can make PCOS worse by disrupting your hormones, causing fatigue and increasing stress. 

#2 Someone gave you an unrealistic program.

Nothing will discourage you and derail your progress faster than falling short of unreasonable expectations. 

Your program must be realistic and leave room for "real life."

#3 Your didn't change your workout plan.

Just going to the gym and hopping on the same weight machines will not work. 

You need to follow a plan that changes in sync with you.

#4 You did not build lean muscle.

Lean muscle gives you a fit, toned look and fights PCOS! 

Physicians who specialize in PCOS recommend strength training because it

  • Increases your metabolic rate
  • Reduces belly fat
  • Keeps weight off in the long-term. 

Most women are overscheduled 7 days a week. 

When you add in energy-draining PCOS symptoms, it can be hard to workout and cook healthy. 

You need a plan the fits the most effective types of workouts into your already full life.

Your realistic, "feel good" workout/nutrition plan

Your look inside the studio workouts

What You Get With The PCOS Fit Studio

New! A one Month ready-to-go meal plan. You have 4 weeks of PCOS friendly food planned out for you - so you can get started right away.

New! My ultimate meal prep guide. You'll know exactly how to make simple, delicious, healthy meals that are "PCOS-friendly".

New! Video lessons on how to turn your weight loss into a long-term success. We’ll cover topics like how to get back on track quickly, weekend overeating and dealing with cravings.

12 Months of Workout Videos Designed to Improve PCOS Symptoms like belly fat, insulin resistance, irregular cycles, and stress.

All of this will help you:

  • Avoid plateaus and boredom. You get new workouts every month to fight plateaus and keep things fresh.
  • Choose a schedule that works with your life. You have multiple programs and schedules included.
  • Work out at home or the gym. No need to buy equipment or a gym membership.
  • Workout instructions that make technique easy. Cheat-sheets and videos make it easy to use good form and prevent injuries. 
  • Go at your own pace. Never feel rushed or worried about falling behind. 

"I’ve lost 25 pounds with your help.  

One more pound and I'll be down 10% off my highest weight. I'm so, so grateful."

-Kayla, a working student from the East Coast  

"With the video I can see what my form should look like and how fast or slow the pace should be.  

There are little reminders during the reps like "don't shrug your shoulders" or "make sure your back is flat."  

- Chelsey, mother of two and veteran from the East Coast.  

"I'm so stoked about this. I'm lifting 35 lb weights. I have two new dresses coming in a size I have not worn since I got married 33 years ago."

- Sheila, a college professor and mother of two from the Midwest 

Join now to start taking control!

Each month you have three brand new streaming video programs:

  • A dumbbell strength training program you can do at home or the gym.
  • A bodyweight HIIT (high-intensity interval training cardio) you can do anywhere.
  • Fun and exciting suspension trainer workouts that will spice up your routine. 

Plus get instant access to these Meal Planing Tools:

  • One month worth of meal plans
  • Ultimate Meal Prep Guide
  • Video Nutrition Lessons.

I am confident that the PCOS Fit studio will get you in better shape. That's why I stand by this program with a 30-day, no-questions-asked guarantee.  

If you do not feel like the program is right for you, just ask for a refund before the 31st day of membership.

Try your first workout today. Replace frustration with action.

Can I be honest with you?

The fact that you have read this far down the page tells me that you believe exercise will improve your PCOS and your life. 

That is why you should join the Fit Studio now. There's no reason not to! 

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