Hi! I'm Erika. I'm a certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach. I also happen to have PCOS. Unlike other fitness experts, I'm not interested in forcing an extreme new workout on you. I'm all about taking the latest information on PCOS and using it to create a sensible exercise plan that any woman can stick to long term.

I'm not a fitness guru; I'm a coach. I focus on smart, effective and reasonable solutions for women with PCOS because I'm interested in your long-term success and happiness. I have devoted my career to working closely with PCOS women and empowering them to heal, change and thrive.

4 Reasons Why Your Last Workout Did Not Work

#1 Working out more and eating less failed you. 

Women living with PCOS must use a more nuanced approach to diet and exercise so that they improve their metabolic and hormonal functioning. 

If you consume less energy (calories) than you use, you will lose fat, but you will also lose muscle mass. Losing that muscle will cause your metabolism to slow down. A slower metabolism will mean that you need to eat even less to lose or maintain your weight. This metabolic slowdown can result in a frustrating plateau in your results. In fact, continually working out more and eating less can make PCOS worse by disrupting your hormones, causing fatigue and increasing stress. 

#2 Someone gave you an unrealistic program.

Nothing will discourage you and derail your progress faster than falling short of unreasonable expectations. I’ve been there myself, and it’s a nasty cycle of highs and lows. At first, you’re excited about a shiny new miracle workout; then you’re mad at yourself because you could not wake up at 5 am to spend an hour at the gym. Your workout must fit into the time that you have no matter how small or large that window of opportunity is. 

#3 Your workout stayed the same, and you changed.

Just going to the gym and hopping on the same weight machines will not work. You need to follow a plan that continues to challenge you as you become fitter. A progressive workout program ensures that you continually see improvement while avoiding plateaus.

#4 You did not build lean muscle.

Lean muscle gives you a fit, toned look and fights PCOS! Physicians who specialize in PCOS recommend strength training because it is a proven method of increasing your metabolic rate, improving glucose metabolism, reducing belly fat, and keeping weight off in the long-term. 

A program designed with PCOS in mind will eliminate these issues.

Work out with a trainer who understands PCOS. I've been a fitness professional for seven years, and I have been coaching women with PCOS since day one of my career. In fact, I'm not sure there is another trainer in the world who is as interested in PCOS as me! I have interviewed PCOS specialists, studied under some top fitness experts and experimented on myself.

If PCOS is interfering with your life, every moment counts. If you read through my blog right now, you'd have enough information to put together a workout that would fight PCOS. But that would take a lot of time and most of us just want to take action right away so we can focus on the things that are most important to us.

I will show you how to make the most out of the limited time and energy you have. Most women are overscheduled 7 days a week. When you add in energy-draining PCOS symptoms, it can be hard to workout. You need a plan the fits the most effective types of workouts into your already full life.

Get stronger Beat Stress & Boost Energy

Take a look Inside the studio! 

Every workout is designed to improve PCOS. Exercise is one of the best tools for managing PCOS symptoms. PCOS experts have found that exercise can improve PCOS by

  • Reducing belly fat, 
  • Correcting insulin resistance, 
  • Easing anxiety and depression,
  • Helping to restore menstrual cycles. 

I’ve spent 100's of hours studying exercise science, speaking with PCOS experts, reading any research I can get my hands on, and experimenting on myself. The PCOS Fit Studio workouts use the best types of exercise for PCOS to help you feel vital and strong without spending hours at the gym. 

Avoid plateaus and boredom. Each month you will gain access to the new workouts. Changing your workout on a regular basis will prevent plateaus and fight boredom. Plus, you can mix and match workouts: do suspension training at home on Monday and lift dumbbells at the gym on Wednesday!

Choose a schedule that works with your life. You can choose to work out five days a week for 20 minutes or three days a week for 40 minutes. Each program is effective, so just choose the plan that works for your life.

Work out at home or the gym. Every workout can be adapted to your fitness center or gym. You do not need to buy expensive equipment or a gym membership if you don't want to! You can work out with dumbbells, a suspension trainer or use commercial gym equipment. 

Take your workout to the gym. The printable cheat-sheets and video tutorials make it easy to hit the gym. Review all the exercise tutorial videos to get detailed instructions then print out the cheat-sheets, so you have a reminder at the gym.

Workout at home. The videos make it possible to workout with me from your home. You can use dumbbells or members can purchase my favorite suspension trainer at a low price.

No more confusion, you will learn good technique. Detailed video tutorials are available for new exercises and complicated moves so that you can brush up on your form at anytime.

Go at your own pace. Never feel rushed or worried about falling behind. Even though you will get a new set of workouts each month, you'll still have access to previous workouts. If you have to take a break for any reason, no worries! The workout will still be there when you're ready to start up again!

"I would like to thank you. I’ve lost 25 pounds with your help. I bought the "Just Start!" exercise information this past spring, before you introduced the Revolution programs. One more pound and I'll be down 10% of my highest weight, which was my first goal. I'm so, so grateful."

-Kayla, a working student from the East Coast

"I'm so stoked about this. I'm also lifting 35 lb weights. I have two new dresses coming in a size I have not worn since I got married 33 years ago."

- Sheila, a college professor and mother of two from the Midwest

"With the video I can see what my form should look like and how fast or slow the pace should be. There are little reminders during the reps like "don't shrug your shoulders" or "make sure your back is flat." I correct myself for the same things every workout because I'm reminded by the video."

- Chelsy, mother of two and veteran from the East Coast.

Join now to get instant access to the PCOS Fit Studio!

Each month you have three brand new streaming video programs:

  • A dumbbell strength training program you can do at home or the gym.
  • A bodyweight HIIT (high-intensity interval training cardio) you can do anywhere.
  •  Fun and exciting suspension trainer workouts that will spice up your routine. 

Plus get instant access to these awesome bonus workouts:

  • 10-minute arms and abs sculpting.
  • A quick booty-building floor workout.
  • 15-minute fat burning HIIT challenge.

I am confident that the PCOS Fit studio will get you in better shape. That's why I stand by this program with a 30-day, no-questions-asked guarantee. If you do not feel like the program is right for you, just ask for a refund before the 31st day of membership.

Try your first workout today. Replace frustration with action.

Overthinking, confusion and frustration hold many of us back. The PCOS Fit Studio will allow you to tune out all that noise and take action right now. The fact that you have read this far down the page tells me that you believe exercise will improve your PCOS and your life. That is why you should join the Fit Studio now. There's no reason not to! You can try a flexible workout program designed to improve PCOS with the comfort of a money-back guarantee.