Intervals are your friend!

When I walk into commercial globo-gyms I see plenty of mistakes from bad lifting form to just plain ridiculous exercises. One thing I see a lot is people half-heartedly strolling on a treadmill.  I would never discourage exercising even if it is a very low intensity.  However, I have found that most gym goers have big goals, no plan of attack, and very little time.  That is why I have most of my clients doing interval training.  Simply put – interval training is effective, easy to execute, and takes less time than traditional “steady wins the race” cardio.

Below is an outline of specific benefits that can be gained by including interval work into your routine.

  • You can burn more calories in less time by including higher intensity intervals in your program.
  • Research studies have indicated that interval training will improve your endurance (the amount of time you can exert yourself at moderate intensity before reaching exhaustion).
  • Exercisers who use interval training burn more calories in the hours following their workouts when compared to exercisers who performed steady state cardio.
  • Interval training recruits muscle fibers and promotes physiological changes that will boost your body’s energy metabolism thus making it easier to reach and maintain a healthy weight.
  • The start and stop sprints performed in interval programs mimics the way your body performs in athletic events like a pickup game or moving your friend into a new apartment.
  • Interval training helps you add variety to your workout and stave off boredom.

Interval training can provide big benefits in small time.  Need I say more?

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